Cancerslug I Love Pain Lyrics

Book of Rats Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Waist Deep in Blood
  • 2 Your Problems
  • 3 Demonic Angel
  • 4 I Love Pain
  • 5 In the Dumpster Behind the Clinic
  • 6 Hateseeker
  • 7 Within Her Skin
  • 8 Altar of Sacrifice
  • 9 Malevolence
  • 10 The Torture Throne
  • 11 Infernal Orgasmic
  • 12 Mistress Death
  • 13 Remains
  • 14 Straight Razor Rape
  • 15 Salvation
  • 16 The Enemy
  • 17 Rats in the Walls
  • 18 I Love Pain Two
  • 19 Demonic Angel Two
  • 20 Heartless
  • 21 Venus Die Trap
  • 22 My Lady Death
  • 23 All Yoou Need
  • 24 Born of Death
  • i knew you before we lived
    and our hearts were not ours to give
    its all that i have ever had
    she could see beyond the lies
    with her anime like eyes
    its all that i ever had
    what more can be said of me
    it was never meant to be
    its all that i have ever had
    so i will just take up my knife
    it makes everything alright
    its all that i have ever had
    if she should leave
    if she should die
    its not her that i dispise
    its just all that i have evr had
    and if she is the first to go
    woudl that make a difference
    its all that i have ever had
    come on baby take a ride with me
    ive gotta show you something that you have got to see
    and every single part of me will bring you flowers when you die
    there is mr. death
    take him by the hand
    and lets walk across this cruel land
    you are standing in the sinking sand
    but i'll bring you flowers when you die
    you see i love pain
    love and suicide go together like the flowers and the rain
    we can die beneath the tees
    in the balls deep october breeze
    its all i have ever had
    but if you leave then i must know, was i really here at all

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