Screeching Weasel I Love Beer Lyrics

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Miller's the Champagne of beers, King Cobra's fucking cheap
And Schaefer's fine but of them all
Budweiser's the King of Beers I drink it every night
'Cause I'm in love with alcohol

99 bottles of beer on the wall
But's the party's only starting so I say
We're going to the store and we're gonna get some more
We'll break down the bedroom door then we'll pass out on the floor

It's funny how I always wake up thinking to my self
This really isn't any fun
I've got a killer of a headache and my mouth is always dry
And I'm only twenty-one

And I swear I'll never ever touch another beer again
But then the evening rolls around
And I drink and piss so much that I think I'm gonna drown
And when I finally find the bed the room is spinning round and round
Thanks to Magnus for submitting I Love Beer Lyrics.

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