Ozzy Osbourne I Like Death Lyrics

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cheese is good
it makes me smile
but then i watch it fade away
and i cry
and i want to die
because i like cheese
but it's not there anymore
and i realize
that i like death
but not as much as cheese

CHORUS:i like death, but not as much as cheese
i like death, but cheese puts me at ease
i like death, but cheese is better
oh oh oh oh yeah cheese cheese cheese

i saw you yesterday
i'm so misunderstood
you dont believe that i like cheese
as much as i say i do
you think i like death better
but your wrong
satan told me so
satan likes cheese
we like cheese together
me and satan
eating cheese
feeding each other cheese in the moonlight

(chorus X2)

i'm not the kind of person you think i am
i'm a very cheesey old man
i like death, but cheese is better
oh yeah yeah yeah
cheese is the anti-christ
but not as much as me
or satan
because he's more anti-christ than me
and we like cheese

(chorus repeats over and over again and slowly fades until song ends)
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