Sarah Slean I Know Lyrics

Universe Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Weight
  • 2 I Know
  • 3 Angel
  • 4 Me & Jerome
  • 5 Universe
  • 6 Pie Jesu
  • 7 [silence]
  • 23 John the 23rd
  • 24 [silence]
  • 44 Climbing Up the Walls
  • Loud mouth, suits and ties
    Liars, with money and girls
    The kind you fit in your pocket
    I can't save them from this darkness
    My sisters, I love them all
    My faeries pinned against the wall

    I know what you want
    And I know what you want
    And I know

    Doll, made of paint and china
    Your worth lies only in these
    But you're real to me
    Little bones, will you break these legs like twigs now?
    There's pain here you'll never have to feel
    Never have to feel

    I know what you want
    And I know what you want
    And I know

    And I would fight a thousand men
    I'd fight fire and wind and rain
    I'd cry a river of tears for them
    The bodies floating there
    Christ-like and bare
    Tell me, is that fair?

    There are some things I can't forgive
    Some things I just can't forgive
    Some things

    Jesus, I thought we had an understanding
    The fact that you can buy a woman
    Makes me want to die
    Where were you last night?
    Jesus, Jesus
    Where were you?

    And I know what you want
    I know it all too well
    And I know
    I know

    Written by: Reed Philip Vertelney, Luther Vandross
    Lyrics © BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC , Universal Music Publishing Group

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