Yung Joc I Know You See It (Remix) Lyrics

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[Verse-1: Yung Joc]
I Know You See It It's Da Remix I'm Feelin' Real Loose
Me Wayne Over Here Sippin' Grey Goose
Den Me Fabo Over Dare Actin' Like Fools
Oh! Damn! Look Who Just Came My Homie Lil' Wayne I Said My Nigga Lil' Wayne
When Finna Get Wild And Maybe Drink Some Cris
Damn Who Is Dis I Say Damn Who Is Dis It's My Nigga Lil' Waye A.K.A Lil' Chris
I'm Lookin' Real Icy Take A Glance At Da Wrist
And I Gotta Tricked Out Taurus Made Just For Us
I Know You See Baby Just Listen To Da Chorus...


[Verse 2: Lil' Wayne]
What It Do What It Do Itsha Boi Whezzy F.
Lil' Mami Take A Ress All Da Lame Niggas Left
It's Da Story Of My Life I'm a Have To Take What's Left
Joc Is To My Right Got Hos To My Left Ey Girl Take A Breath
Let Me Feel On Ya Breast On My Feet Bens'n'hef (Yep)
And We Got Yung Joc In Da Buildin' I Got Million Plus A Million
Fuckin' With Yung Joc And Whezzy Will Leave Ya Lost Like Gilliagan
Here I Go I'm Real Again Back Up Ta Michiagan Cause You Know We Gon I Say Goin Win Again
I'm All About Dat Papper I Just Don't Talk It I Be It Yung Joc, Lil' Wayne I Know You See It


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