George Strait I Know What I Want for Christmas Lyrics

?Tis the season for generosity
A time to give and to receive
My Christmas list consists of just one sweet dream

I know what I want for Christmas this year
I hope my note got to Santa on time
I'm a little bit nervous
It's kind of a big thing I'm asking for
I don't know if I deserve it but boy if I get it
I'll never ask for anything more
It shines, it's new
And it's the one wish that I wish would come true
This year for Christmas I just wanna be with you

We can build a little fire
We can sit and talk for hours
We'll just have fun
You can tell me what you did
Christmas morning as a kid
And we'll talk about all our Christmases to come

And if I hang a little mistletoe in every single doorway
I'm sure to get a kiss
And is it too much to ask for a snowman kind of snow
To complete this singular wish
It shines, it's new
I know what I want and nothin' else will do
This year for Christmas, I just want to be with you

This year for Christmas, I just want to be with you

Written by: Charlie Black, Dana Hunt Black
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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