Marty Willson-Piper I Know I Won't Lyrics

Tell me the toy time, I'll bless all the nooks
In every corner, onlookers sit
Digging their dirt and packing their kit
And they're sick and ill and their bad and old
Over and over, stories I've told
Coins in my pocket, an elephant's tusk
I am the port and you are the port

I know I won't stay
I know I won't though you think I will

Cover me up, bury my head
Shush to the sky, there's pain in that red
The button loose, the shirt undone
Who ever will settle for the sun?
I never ever live like this
You just caught me, needing a kiss
Reflections of her in splashing brooks
I came here tomorrow for love's last looks

And I always knew that I'd never stay

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