Plies I Just Want The Paper Lyrics

i just want the paper

(verse 1)
Im on some other shit nigga i dont want no rap friends
cause you fuck niggas pocket watches and i aint with the playin
thats why i keep you niggas out my face much as i can
cause i be don killed one of you pussy niggas in da end
i like to thank all you fuck niggas who don went commercial
cause y'all made my job easy and thats for certain
dont try to come back to these streets when you start hurtin
put chu ears to the streets plies don closed the curtain
i got the real niggas on lock i don served my purpose
write a nother diss record cause the last one aint workin
you fuck niggas keep snitchen,goons keep murkin
and you cant find a lie fuck nigga in nan one of my verses


(verse 2)
i got niggas dats locked up that need lawers
if i cant make that happen for um the i aint really ballin
gon run u 50 stacks or better fuckin with murder charges
and the lawer want half of that before he even get started
and if that break me then fuck it i kept it real shawty
ima keep grinden so my niggas can keep callin
and you lil fuck niggas round here hatin want y'all to keep talkin
need yall to speak up a lil bit cause im wayl up here shawty
don droped 2 birds in the chevy i need that back
and to do it the right way its gon run u bout 40 stacks
its like the hummer on 6's nigga on top of that
thank i got time to argue with you lil fuck niggas on wax
so we can shoot it out in the streets i'll make time for that
and while yo mind on me im out here gettin checks
still thuggin and keepin it real in the projects
ima be the first nigga to get a mill and keep his hood respect

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