End of Green I Hate Lyrics

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Its coming down all over me can't feel no love tonight
it is so sweet i loose everything im lost in my mind
this life is sick i dont know why
I hate mysielf i want to die
i hate myself
Jesus can you listen to me my jeramaid my ray of light
there is no way of any hope
sun and moon will never shine i can't go on i apologize
there is no way of any hope
this life is sick i don't know why
I hate myself i want to die...
Songs for a Dying World Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Motor
  • 2 Only One
  • 3 Death in Veins
  • 4 I Hate
  • 5 Astrobastard
  • 6 Everywhere
  • 7 Godsick
  • 8 Mirror
  • 9 Black No. 1
  • 10 Myra
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