Young Money Entertainment I Got That Sack Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Okay, cold in this bitch niggas know I’m feel the snap
Alleluia, thank the Lord, Rollie cost me 80 racks
Paranoia, all these money niggas know I keep that strout
Hundred niggas most of em killers blow your brains on your lap
Kay I’m hopin’ out of sentence, keep that hammer like on big bow
Feeling nigga dope nick name kilo
Every nigga round when I bite myself
Bad little bitch and I kinda deepthroat
Rocks and chains and they knew me cold
Fuck that loft and my nigga Big Bow
Know some zone that can get a kilo
See another man, nigga wutchu sayin’?
First time cheetahs on my pants
Louie Vuitton’s I need in advance
Yeah nigga ball you can watch from the stands
I fuck hoes, I get dough
Got my team getting rich
Keep my shooters, make them do you
They Ray Alan with the stick
Boy I’m fly, ain’t no lie
Probably painted on the bitch
Hundred grand and I make in a week
And no complaining about the scent
Yeah I’m racked up, hope a nigga don’t act up
Click clock, you think he got hit up with a metro

[Verse 2]
Wuddup Gotti? I got it from here
My diamonds is clear, you niggas is weird
How niggas to the left like a game of chess
Don’t get checked, boy I’m at my best
Bet you niggas ain’t fuckin’ with Wow
Paper tags on the Ghost, brand new – no mouse
I try to stay at the house because my girl is a trip
Complainin’ ‘bout the smoking, goin’ through all my shit
Man it’s cold where I’m at, Midwest on the map
Regret before how your nigga took the exact
Gucci belt on my waist, shut out my nigga Ace
Diamonds shinin’ so hard, watch me light up the place
Keep it real my nigga
My flow ill my nigga
Old school Chevy, custom door grill my nigga
Damn, it’s bigger than life
Wuddup Stalin?
You know my bitch’s ass whiter than a H2 Hummer
Now that’s a whole lot of ass
I swear you niggas is trash
These rappers is soft, they should dress up and drag
Yea, them jeans got a sack
Just to show off my brand
Oh they said that you hot
I’m ‘bout to fuck up your plans
You know I’m in demand
Swisher blunt, 8 grams
And they know my flow nasty like grandma Spam
Here in this house loft
Don’t ask what it cost
Condo so big you’ll fuck around and get lost
I ain’t gotta drop my album, I’m just buildin’ my buzz
YCMB, y’all ain’t built like us
OHIO, we stay high though
Caught a weed man ‘cause we need more hidro

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