GunPlay I Got That Sack Freestyle Lyrics

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Fresh off in that pan
Rozay throw me that ale watch the backboard shatter
And some jack boy cheddar
This a thief stain in a V man automatic
Knock a lame right off the ladder and laugh out
Police knowing that I'm ducking
Bitch you knowing that I'm bucking
These pussy niggas mad
Time to flow 'em out their covers taking all they bitches
Fucking all their mothers, just a rolex in my rubbers
Rich angry military is your banger
Nigga be rapping tough in them cuffs niggers be silent
Niggers be grain, niggers be pot ,niggers be pussy , nigger not I
Nigga not never, nigga not then
Nigga not now, nigga na-ah
Hell you yelling ,begging out loud for a nigga to leave you alive
Nigga that ain't what's happenin' no re-run no raj
No boofle no flaj
I'm up against no odds googoo beans and jewerly up against my heart
I pish fish flounder, I get it from the founder
Dirty money under that table, I spend it over that counter
Ain't no hussle that I don't know
I'm meeting now I chawing up
Low be talk, mad it ain't turn it up it ain't loud enough
I'm throwing rocks at the chain game x8
Come on, told you

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