Cam Meekins I Give a Fuck Lyrics

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CD 1
  • 1 Bob (intro)
  • 2 Do You
  • 3 Cut Me Off
  • 4 Don't Be a Bitch
  • 5 Maggie
  • 6 Everything I'm Not
  • 7 I Give a Fuck
  • 8 Anemic
  • 9 Two Roads
  • 10 Matty (skit)
  • 11 #Fuckyourbitch
  • 12 Gone
  • 13 Just to Be Wrong
  • 14 Run Away
  • 15 Outro
  • [Verse 1: Cam Meekins]
    I used to wake up in the morning get dressed look in the mirror
    But I threw away the mirror and now I see a little clearer
    It ain't about what I can't get
    It is about the fact that I can't let some people let me down because they are the shit
    Because what is going on, when they are going to sleep
    Atleast I got the opportunity to love what I can be
    Man I ain't perfect, I got insecurities
    I'm just a thinker and that lonely guy you might see on the tee (yeah)
    I live my life a little off-center from the norm
    I ain't going to lie I'd rather sit in a Starbucks then go on tour
    I'd rather make my own beats then rap on some other dudes production
    I'm honest with my sounds, they ain't going to drop me so fuck it
    I'd rather call my girl on a cellphone than call my girl a bitch
    I wish I had a girl to write this song with (damn)
    I'm being honest man, I hope my life works out
    But there ain't nothing I can do
    So I just drive around and shout like, I just drive around and shout like

    [Hook x2]
    She say why you gotta be so serious?
    Why you gotta be so cool?
    And why do we all sit like we don't give a fuck
    When truthfully we all do

    [Verse 2: Cam Meekins]
    I'm not a rapper and I'm not a college rapper
    I am truthfully too stubborn to sit and listen to a lecture
    They said I didn't apply myself
    So when the time came around to apply, I didn't apply myself
    My flow is a little unconventiontal at times I still got spirit
    Also I might just have spilled some coffee on my lyrics
    I like photography and pretty girls
    I like to sit in circles, I like to talk and I like to think about the world
    I like to think my analytics makes some sense to all the critiques
    It must be hard to make an album when all you talk about is bitches
    I'd rather spit what is on my mind at one particular time, I guess that time is now so hey what's up ma?
    Shouts to the people that don't give a fuck, that must be nice
    Because I got some anxiety, I'm dealing with this kind of life
    I guess I'm not sure where I'm going
    But there is nothing I can do
    So I just turn the speakers up and sing for you

    [Hook x7]

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