Brave Saint Saturn I Fell Away Lyrics

The Light of Things Hoped For Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 The Sun Also Rises
  • 3 Binary
  • 4 Mercury
  • 5 Enamel
  • 6 Anastasia
  • 7 Titan
  • 8 Gemini
  • 9 Estrella
  • 10 Heart Still Beats
  • 11 Babies Breath
  • 12 I Fell Away
  • 13 Recall
  • 14 Atropos
  • 15 Daylight
  • 16 Irides of M
  • Breaking every bone I have
    So I tried to touch the sun
    I had another fall
    You can do the math
    I was wrong is what they'll say
    I watched their smiles fade away
    I watched their black and white turn gray
    Their picture-perfect worlds decay today
    Today I fell to Earth again, again
    I guess I failed You
    I guess I cannot win

    Today, today
    I fell away
    I fell away

    Did you see me falling down from Heaven
    Trailing wings of melted wax
    At nine point eight
    Accept the fact I'm going to crash
    And so-called friends have gone away
    And all advice will cease to stay today
    Today on fragile wings I tried to touch the sun
    As wax and feathers melted
    All my dreams have come undone today

    You lift my battered soul
    You mend my broken wings together
    You lift my battered soul
    You mend my broken bones together

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