Willie Nelson & Hank Snow I Don't Hurt Anymore Lyrics

In the Jailhouse Now/Brand on My Heart Track Listing
  • 1 There Stands the Glass
  • 2 Wondering
  • 3 In the Jailhouse Now
  • 4 You're Not Mine Anymore
  • 5 Heebie Jeebie Blues No. 2
  • 6 Slowly
  • 7 I Don't Care
  • 8 Back Street Affair
  • 9 Let Me Be the First To Know
  • 10 More and More
  • 11 Golden Rocket
  • 12 I've Been Everywhere
  • 13 I Almost Lost My Mind
  • 14 Caribbean
  • 15 Brand on My Heart
  • 16 I'm Movin' On
  • 17 Send Me the Pillow You Dream On
  • 18 I Don't Hurt Anymore
  • 19 A Fool Such As I
  • 20 It Makes No Difference Now
  • It don't hurt anymore
    All my teardrops are dried
    No more walkin' the floor
    With that burnin' inside
    Just to think it could be
    Time has opened the door
    And at last I am free
    I don't hurt anymore

    No use to deny I wanted to die
    The day you said we were thru
    But now that I find you're out of my mind
    I can't believe that it's true
    I've forgotten somehow
    That I cared so before
    And it's wonderful now
    I don't hurt anymore

    [Repeat Chorus]

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