Cassidy I Don't Give A... Lyrics

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i always had dreams to live it up
get a bigger crib, some bigger jewelz an a bigger truck
patron in bigger cups an smoke on a bigger dutch
if a bigger nigga trippin' a bigger nigga get touched
da bigger they da the harder da fall an plus..
da bigger da gun da louder it sound wen it bust
if i put a potato ova da hammer it'll hush
time money, im tryn find money, im ina rush
life sux, da world keep turnin lik double dutch
its a struggle but im still gon' hustle an double up
my whole life i always stayed in some trouble but
if aint nothin jumpin off den im startin some trouble up


i always had dreams to make a mill
i fufilled my dreams, my new plans is to make a bill
an most of these niggas is fake, dey aint real
wen somethin happen dey start rattin an takin deals
i got plastic gats, im strap but i could stii..
take a walk thru da metal detector wearin da heckla
if i catch a nigga tryn apply pressure
im quick to lick a shot lik rewind selector..
lika rude boy i play wit da tool boy
u hot headed? wen u die ya body get cool boy
i rather win awards instead of makin da news boy
i been hustlin, i aint got nothin to lose boy


i always had dreams to get success
but i love music i dont jus do dis to get da checks
an if i conversate wit a chick ima get some sex
even if it aint da koochie i kno ima get some neck, yes!
i get ?? i get money an get respect
i wuz jus sittin in jail callin niggas collect
but i'll still empty da clip of da gun if deres drama
i dont giva fuck an das on my son an my mama!
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