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Spoon Lyrics

It's in the message you left: I love you to death
I need to get some leg and go shine my shoes
I didn't come here to die
Hoping everything's alright
Hope that everything is alright
As I drive off into the night alone I can feel it all rush back
Half afraid that I'll turn back
And when you grow up here
It can feel like there's no place else it takes so long
To get anywhere at all
Cause it just goes on and
Forget that empty stomach that broken heart
And just leave here tonight
And hope it's alright
But all you see is the weight hung round my neck
I didn't come here today to pull any weight
No not to pull any weight
As I drive off into the sky alone I can feel it all rush back
But this kid ain't coming back
And I been living in the sticks here for so long now
So c'mon c'mon I said
I know everything was said
I know everything you said

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