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Ja Rule feat. Lil’ Mo Lyrics

When I cry, you cry
We cry, together
Said I cry, you cry
We cry, together
Said I cry, you cry
We cry, together
Said I cry, you cry
We cry, together

[Ja Rule]
I life I love my wife
A bad time to prevail, it overwhelmed me
I'm livin in hell but livin wealthy
And know these hoes love me

Because I'm a star
I can't even cop a drink at the bar
Get me some bottles of that Remi Mar-tin
Let's get the party
Cracking right here **** V.I.P

Now when my baby loves me
Home wit tears in her eyes
And when I get in, I hurt her more by tellin her lies
She ain't surprise at me

Just surprise at we
Been together for this long
And I can be
The one to mistreat her

Thought it last forever
'Cause if I cry, you cry
We cry together


[Ja Rule]
From, what I recall we was little *****s
Cut, who gettin high, the hottest pictures
Livin, life so free
That we ain't fearin

The, ills of the world
In heat of drug dealin
You and I then made a killin
And tuck together

I this land of forbidden treasure
Love is the only evil seed that could sever
A tied this close
Not the love between us but your love for the dough

You went O.T started makin M-O-N-E-Why
All my good *****s gotta die
But **** could last forever
I wish (???) was pleasure

'Cause when you die
I cried, we cried together


[Ja Rule]
Wash away your tears (my love)
You ain't gotta cry no more (my love)
I'm putting on everything out (my love)
And my pain it's my love

And I want
This world to smile for me
Don't shed a tear 'cause the ***** died happily
My momma warned me life was a mutha****a

But I ignored the warning and kept on hustlin
And every night she just looked at me
Tears in her eyes and they be saying **** like
"I don't want me baby to die"

Brought so much pain into a life
Gotta make it better
'Cause when ma cried I cried
We cried together


[Lil' Mo]
You cry, then I cry
Then we cry
When he cries

I cry together, together
When I cry, then you cry
Then we'll cry, together
Baby, 'cause when

Ja cries, Mo cries
We'll cry, together
If he cry, I'll cry
Then we'll cry, together

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