Tech N9ne feat. Agginy & The Philsta I Can Feel It Lyrics

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(Verse 1: The Philsta)
I missed you so much I followed you today
You keep stayin' out all night and that ain't the way
To keep a happy home so I'm strappin' up with chrome
Telescopes with binoculars fuck I'm thinkin' bout knockin' ya
It's apparent I'mma be a single parent
So I'm hopin' that your snake ass ways are not inherent
To my baby boy a daddy's little angel
When I repave the drive way that's where your remains go
So I can always have you near my dear
And the foo you fuckin' has no idear
Your brainiac maniac widower ex-husband to be
Could buy me a ponto with the insurance policy
Man sprinkle your teeth on the sea shore
Act so natural and put up a fifty thousand dollar reward
Yup diddy-dep few years and he's yours (express sample)
You motherfuckers don't know who y'all fuckin' with!

(Hook: Big Krizz Kaliko)
Play wit matches you might get a fire
Play wit emotions theres tears in your eyes
Playin' with love and fo 'sho you gonna die
She's so broken I can feel it

(Verse 2: Agginy)
I can feel it when my man cheats it's a women's intuition
And when you mess with dogs, dogs go in heat
Creepin' on different days and different hours of the week
A beautiful lie that got my heart caught up in heat
I'm burnin', burnin' for revenge my hands clinched with my emotions
Is takin' over the physically to hurt you again
Watchin' your crib watchin' who comes through for you
Got me runnin' around like a psycho chick two
I'm seein' if ya lies really adds up to the truth
I wanna know this girl who shares a special part of you homie
Hopin' you understand you takin' a chance
Between love and hate expect the unexpected from the gate
You made yo bed now lie in it
That's the seed that you plant so you reapin' what is naturally god given
What goes around comes around what can I say
Cause when the rain comes no umbrella!

(Hook) (2x)

(Verse 3: Tech N9ne)
I'm talkin' about years, years of fidelity
But what happens when jealousy enters to make her yell at me
Tempers flair and we fail to be bindin' lookin' for hell and we find it
Fallin' rapidly no time to rewind it
It's a never ending cycle when people choose to be spiteful
And triflin' losin' lovin' to a stinch of cheatin' is stiflin'
Life's been excitin' when wifein' 'em
No more now you fightin' 'em
Women can be the shit when you wipin' 'em
Now it's rotten relationship trust is forgotten
And a nigga you found creepin' with her is softer than cotton
Cautious she get it popin'
When the city-to-city hoppin'
Extra activities stoppin'
Your bitch can be boppin'
Some might want to lose it and put a slug in his brain
One in her's then yourself and got 3 people slain
Tecca Nina can't live with the pain
That's why I say I'mma playa motherfucker and I bet I'll never change!

(Hook) (2x)

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