The Trews I Can't Stop Laughing Lyrics

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Here's something funny,
Gone is the one I love,
I've got some money,
I'm hitting Piper's Pub,
Tonight I'll drink until the sun comes up,
'cause I don't care no more,
I'm gonna fill my cup,
Life isn't fair for sure,
It's clear I've had enough.

Я I can't stop laughing,
I can't stop laughing
I can't stop laughing,
I'm not even happy.

She said she's had it,
That she was movin' out,
It hit me so hard,
I'm tryin' to drown it out,
Tonight's the night,
I'll dance like no one's watching,
And I'll sing a song,
Like nobody is listening,
'Cause I'm just that drink,
And heartaches's blurred my vision,
Ain't it fun?


Where will I go now,
The Life I knew is gone,
Someway and somehow,
We'll all keep moving on (and on and on and on),
Tonight, tonight,
C'mon and set me free from yesterday,
And all it's haunted memories,
But now its closing time,
And I don't wanna leave.



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