Union 13 I Can't Stand It Anymore Lyrics

East Los Presents... Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Who Are You?
  • 2 Regrets
  • 3 Fuck Society
  • 4 Bonded as One
  • 5 Todo es una política
  • 6 Burócrata estafador
  • 7 Children Stories
  • 8 Falling Down
  • 9 Country Full of Lies
  • 10 I Can't Stand It Anymore
  • 11 Govierno podrido
  • 12 Realidad
  • 13 Over the Hill
  • 14 Government
  • 15 State of Concious
  • 16 Un muro por cruzar
  • 17 Ronalds Fuckhouse
  • 18 Final Approach

  • In our youth, a simple life, filled with things we love
    Then and now we see and realize the conflicts that confront us
    As we grow
    I see the walls are closing in
    Then I see those who control
    I can't stand it
    I can't stand it anymore....

    He was like a shadow a thief in the night he took away the only thing I wanted in my life!
    It's kinda' my fault for not her know the feelings that I have inside
    I can't stand it!
    I can't stand it anymore!
    I can't stand it anymore!

    Three days and weeks pass me by but my feelings for you never diminish or die!
    You called me a greedy and selfish guy!
    It didn't matter to me because I had you by my side!

    I can't stand it anymore!
    I can't stand it anymore!
    But why, I can't stand it anymore
    No more, just no more
    I can't stand this shit anymore!
    No more!

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