Anastacia I Call It Love Lyrics

Yeah, whoa yeah,
He's got me so gone,
'Cause I can't stop won't stop,
Bouncin' off these walls.
I'm so crazy in love,
Might friend well just lock me in and shut the door.
'Cause I ain't gon' try to escape his sweet prison.
So what makes you think that I might need rescuing?

Is this how it feels?
Am I losing my mind?
'Cause everyone keeps tryin' to save me.
I'm head over heels,
I can't get enough.
And I know people might call it crazy,
But I call it love (love, love, love)
I call it Love, oh oh

Ain't nothin' wrong.
I'm just out here on the edge riskin' the fall.
So don't ask me why,
It's a fool who thinks that love makes sense at all.

'Cause I ain't gon' try to escape his sweet prison.
So don't even think that I might need rescuing.


Don't need no cure,
Because I'm sure,
Ain't nothin' wrong with me.
And you can't get this,
Unless you're wreckless,
'Cause what I got isn't safe.

[Chorus: x2]

Yeah, yeah, I'm so crazy in crazy in love.

Written by: Andrew Frampton, Jamie Jones, Jack Kugell, Jack David Kugell, Anastacia Newkirk, Jason Pennock
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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