American Music Club I Broke My Promi Lyrics

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I broke my promise
that I wouldn't write another song about you
I guess I lied, after twelve years I still love you
On the phone you sound happy but a heart can cry
And you don't see the tears

I'm glad you went back

The California sun always shines but
San Francisco is a cold place
To have a run of bad luck
Everyone likes to shine their little flashlights in your face

I'm glad you went back

The blue blue sky is made of butcher knives
And everyone you meet is wearing some stupid disguise
In Columbus there's no spotlight to dazzle your eyes
I hope you find someone who loves you
'Cause only love will save you

I broke my promise 'cause I've missed you for so long
I can feel you in my life when you're happy
No matter where you are

I'm glad you went back

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