P.O.D. I Am Lyrics

Murdered Love Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Eyez
  • 2 Murdered Love
  • 3 Higher
  • 4 Lost in Forever
  • 5 West Coast Rock Steady
  • 6 Beautiful
  • 7 Babylon the Murderer
  • 8 On Fire
  • 9 Bad Boy
  • 10 Panic & Run
  • 11 I Am
  • I am the murdered, the pervert, sick to the core
    I am the unclean, dope fiend, I am the whore
    I am the beat down, mistreated, sexually abused
    I have violated, fornicated and sexually used
    I am the con artist, cold-hearted, smooth preacher
    Cash stealer, emotion bleeder, the soul lecher
    I feed off the poor but I'm a slave to the rich
    I'm in depression so, this reflection is making me sick
    Are you the one that's come to set me free ?
    'Cause if you knew who I am, would you really want to die for me ?
    They say you are the cursed man, the one who hangs from this tree
    I know this is the one and only son of god but tell who the **** is he!
    So tell me!

    I am fake, a fraud, a phony, I'm a known liar
    Anorexic, rejected object of your desire
    Suicidal thoughts, keep one in the chamber
    I'm a turned out street walking heroin banger
    I am a secret cutter, porn lover, the town, drunkard
    Next door, neighborhood slut, I am somebody's mother
    Outcasted arrogant bastard son
    I am the talk of the town but this story's just begun
    I am what you reaped, I am what you sewed
    I am that guy talking to himself, I am alone
    I'm the forgotten child ravaged and raped through sex traffic
    And since I'm a little strange, my daddy called me a ******
    I am insecure, immature, even I discuss me
    In denial, pill pop'n, prescription junkie
    I see demons, eyes bleeding, my soul impure
    Already know that I'm the disease, but tell me what's the cure?
    This is me, we are him and I am you
    Old things have passed away and all things become new!

    Written by: Carl Cartee, Joseph Dustin Daniels, Allen Stanford Dukes, David Blake Neesmith, Aaron Daniel Tomberlin, Nathan Timothy Tomberlin
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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