Locust I Am the Murderer Lyrics

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Beneath the tailor, stitches
Crowds and crowds of butchers play
Hung high from the ceiling
Staring at it wondering how

No tree, no wall can stop their hell
No snake, no trick is accounted for

I am the murderer

Complete this fatal moment
While you're twisted and ready
For duty calls: you are the bravest of all men

No suit, no shoe can hide the smell
No snake, no trick is accounted for

I am the murderer

I'm clean of consequence
I'm niggling, shameful, guilty
I'm tempted, I'm hungry

Instinct to kill

My will has dropped and I want it with a passion
I'm lead by the weapon and it's red for hire

But I'm clean of consequence

I am the murderer
Morning Light Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Your Selfish Ways
  • 2 Morning Light
  • 3 Just Like You
  • 4 I Am the Murderer
  • 5 Jukebox Heart
  • 6 Folie
  • 7 One Way or Another
  • 8 No-One in the World
  • 9 Clouds at My Feet
  • 10 Summer Rain
  • 11 Ancient Hometown
  • 12 The Girl With the Fairytale Dream
  • 13 Let Me Take You Back
  • 14 Some Love Will Remain Unsaid
  • 15 Shadow Play
  • 16 On the Horizon
  • 17 The Daydream Girl From Sealand
  • 18 Touched on Every Side

  • Written by: Mark Van Hoen, Zoe Niblett

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