Jonathan Thulin I Am Nothing Lyrics

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1: I thought that I was able, but my lamp's under the table
With my face against the corner I've forgotten
All the steps you laid before me how you brought me from
A dead sea, now amidst my hesitation I've forgotten

Pre Chorus: I can run far from you but my thirst would never die

Chorus: Cause I'm nothing, without you inside of me
I am nothing without you I'm incomplete
So I need you now, need you always

2: So many expectations, I'm lost in the conversations about who you are
And who I should be. Take me back to loving you for
The only reason that is true that you died and rose just to give me freedom

Pre Chorus:


Bridge: Finally I've found my peace I have nothing left to prove
Cause trusting you in everything is all that I can do

Chorus: I am nothing, without you inside of me Jesus I'm nothing
Without you I'm incomplete so I need you now need you always
Thanks to Jonathan for submitting I Am Nothing Lyrics.

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