Too $hort I Ain't Nothin' but a Dog Lyrics

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I've been a dog ever since I was young
I saw The Mack and got all so sprung
I couldn't help it, I had to be just like that
With a stable of hoes and my pockets fat

But don't trip, I made up my mind when I was 17
I ain't with no marriage and a wedding ring
I be a player for life, forget about a wife
She just ain't my type

'Cause i mack each hoe and get richer
And if it ain't like that then I forget ya
I know you're just a freak, hoe
You're so nasty

That's why you're stairin'
When you walk like pass me
*****, now you're lookin' back
All dogs must chase the cat

So here I come, I just want to **** you and cut
Treat you like trampy slut
So much game when homies' tough
Meet a ***** like you and smooth come up

I have your fake-*** closin' up bank accounts
Spittin' straight pimpgame from the Oakland-town
It's been done before and i do it again
Break your mama, your sista and all your friends

Short dog's on the microphone
And I won't stop mackin' till my bank is long
So try to break me if you want to
From me you get nothin' but drama

If you're a rich *****, I got a new twist
And if you're with it, *****
Then we can do this
Put me on the payroll

Bick me down bankroll
Buy me a benz and keep my tank full
'Cause other than that, I don't need no brood
Short Dog ain't nothin' but a dog...

I got all my game from East Oakland's street
So motha**** you damn ****-head freaks
Couldn't pay me enough to treat you right
'Cause $hort Dog ain't nothin' nice

Like a sucka-motha****a let a ***** be boss
Tellin' him how much she wants
Let her use your car
I'm from oakland, *****

And you can check my rap
I hear fake *****es get slapped
Let a ***** get bold with me
I start to act like Goldy

Tell me who's in the house now?
Shorty The Pimp
And I'm the last motha****a
That will pay your rent

I ain't blind, I know you're fine as ****
But you're a tramp, *****
You ain't mine what's up?
Try to give me some ***** but I want some head

And I already know everythin' you did
They say you **** like old-*** tired *****
But the word is out you suck some good *** ****
And I don't want nothin' if I can't get it all

You should know
'Cause I ain't nothin' but a dog, *****...
$hort dog ain't nothin' but a dog
*****, **** with me and you gotta do it all

Most brothas try to take freaks out
I get a room and stick my **** in her mouth
They spend money on a movie and some dinner
But $hort Dog goes straight up in her

I give *****es no respect
And the way I run my game they understand this ****
You couldn't be like me cause you buy her things
Used to be a broke fiend and now it's diamond rings

I remember when I ****ed your prom date
You bought a dress and everythin'
But she just couldn't wait for the pralm to end
So she can call me up it was our very first date

And it was cool to ****
Now I be doin' this **** all the time
I got *****es on my mind
Can't change in 1992

'Cause I still gotta find new, sweet, black
What should I call it? I won't say it
But if it's lain' on my bed, I'm a fade it
$hort dog ain't nothin' but a dog

Use to clown to hoes at the East Maid mall
I was actin' like a pimp when I was 7
Started to suckin' up game at 11
And at the age of young 14

I started to knock young *****es on the scene
Couldn't give a **** less about a *****
Thinkin' like that $hort Dog got rich
Now I'm makin' ends and you think i'm weak

'Cause i'm allways downin' these toe-up freaks
Tell me who's the man
And who's the mouse, *****?
I'm Audi-five to my dog house...

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