Color Me Badd I Adore mi amor Lyrics

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You want to take her place
You say you'd treat me better
But, better I know for sure
You see she loves me
And I could never leave her (ooh yeah)
(Never baby, never)

She means the world to me
And I live for her
(Chica tu cres me vida la ternuda)
She's my destiny I know
(Y alegria amor)
Forever my love
(Y est sueno)
And I'll never let her go (oh no)
(Contigo sera verda) (yeah yeah)

Dream on... Dream away
I think I'm gonna have to stay
Stay forever


I adore... mi amor
I adore... mi amor

Listen... my love, the girl of my dreams
And I will never leave
She's all that I need and more
I'll love her always
What more could a man ask for
(What more could I ask for)

You know that I really love my baby
She can give me everything I need
There is no one to take her place
She's got my heart in her hands
Baby, I adore

Dream on... dream away
I think I'm gonna have to stay
Stay forever

Written by: Bryan Abrams, Mark Calderon, Kevin Thornton, Hamza Lee, Sam Watters
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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