Fang I've Got the Disease Lyrics

Where the Wild Things Are Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 I've Got the Disease
  • 2 Suck & Fuck
  • 3 With Friends Like You
  • 4 G.I. Sex
  • 5 Road Kills
  • 6 You're Cracked
  • 7 I Wanna Be on TV
  • 8 Everybody Makes Me Barph
  • 9 Junky Dare
  • 10 Berkeley Heathen Scum
  • Gonna tell you about the wretched impulse
    I want to come like a nuclear missile
    I want that pooch licking on my cock
    My geyser will blow steam off
    I've got the disease
    It always creeps into my dreams
    I become a dog fucking sex machine
    Beastiality is what I like
    Fuck your cat stab it with my knife
    I rip your cows horned head off
    Fuck his brain with my chainsaw
    Take the sheep put their legs in my boots
    Put my blue weiner up the poop chute

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