I've-Been-Wrong-Before-lyrics-Elvis-Costello/EF17FDE405DE1BFD482568B000074946I've-Been-Wrong-Before-lyrics-Elvis-Costello/EF17FDE405DE1BFD482568B000074946I've-Been-Wrong-Before-lyrics-Elvis-Costello/EF17FDE405DE1BFD482568B000074946I've-Been-Wrong-Before-lyrics-Elvis-Costello/EF17FDE405DE1BFD482568B000074946I've-Been-Wrong-Before-lyrics-Elvis-Costello/EF17FDE405DE1BFD482568B000074946 Elvis Costello Lyrics

Elvis Costello Lyrics

The night we met
The night that I won't forget
You've seen what I've been waiting for
But baby, I've been wrong before

You held me tight
And everything seemed just right
I couldn't ask for more
But baby, I've been wrong before

She used to smile at me
And hold my hand like you do
Then she left me
And broke my heart in two

See her face
And feel your warm embrace
You're all that I adore
But baby, I've been wrong before
Oh baby, I've been wrong before

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