Mystikal I'm Lyrics

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(Intro: Mystikal)
MAN!! (I ain't never felt like this before)
DAMN!! I ain't never felt like this before
I AIN'T RIGHT!! ****, this **** ain't right
Huh, huh, I AIN'T RIGHT!!, huh
**** ain't right
I'm thrown off (****) I'm thrown off
I'm thrown off (huh) I'm thrown off
I'm ****ed up in the head
but everytime I go on- *****, ran my coat on
***** gonna taje my clothes off
you *****s are crazy like roaddogs
you can do what you wan' do
and say what you want- just don't play wit' me
go wit'cha flow go, just don't call me ***** ok?
back off, back off!! mind your business
damn dog, didn't know you were ever gonna drop
*****, soon as i finish, i'm gonna make your **********in'
record store look like it just got broke with a crowbar
i ain't gotta stand up in this *****, take your hands on-
*****s be testin' the streets like ****-birds
then they start day-dreamin', watch my tons and hit curbs
the i **** my eyes and spit in my face- they got bad nerves
i smoke-funny-ain't lust and use bad words
but i'm in another revolution- **********in' seem with his *** heard
if you ever in your car and you play my game, throw the password
cause it dosen't rest its head with an exquisite hand and they blast
i can't stand my next door neighbor, s i'm here to get a transfer
they won't stay over my grass- fur, i ain't right
check this part out right here
fe-fi-fo-fum- i smell a sticky ***** roll up one
get back if you ain't got none
if you ain't bout it, then ***** don't come
we tear this ***** everytime we come through
actin' stupid, *****- you know what i do
lookin like i come from artabozoo
where they feed us gumbo and cross-fetch too, huh
i get down because i come up around the checkin line
Kell- stop that ****in track- i'v lost my mind
hickery-dickery-dock-get 'em- jump off my ****
*****- get out of my face- hoe- stay out of my pocket,that's right
everytime i come in the kitchen ,***** you in the kitchen
gettin' fat, eatin all the ****in' food up but ain't washin' the dishes
the **** you mean do i have something else to drink
you just got through emptyin' the jug out the hands- is the time
that's it-gotta get the **** out
***** about to schold your hands to the door
*****, i don't play that ****, better ask somebody
*****-thought you know

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