Redman I'm a Bad Lyrics

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I get mad wicked, (**** around) and catch a bad one by the funker
I puff the mad spliffs and roll blunts with Archie Bunker
Cause my brain is twisted so I **** the biscuit
Cause shits thick some say I'm a bastard of a swift *****, Negro

Funking it with the style in your ear bro
To make you fear me like cape without Robert DeNiro
You big ***** so funky that you have to douche me
You can't hear me then my record label didn't push me

I know I'm saying **** too many times in my rhymes
But if I wasn't bad, I wouldn't freak it in the line
But it don't seems to matter cause my **** get fatter and fatter
I'll do the funk in your face and it slaps ya

How does it feel with the face full of funk
With the bass in your trunk, weed laced with the blunt
I puff, I never got snuffed, bust while I dust your monkey, *** off
Then I just crush on the hush hush

So if you want a taste of the funk from the gutter
Ask the brothers, (why?)
Cause I'm bad (word to mothers)

"I'm a bad.." "Yo word to the mother" (3X)
"I'm a bad.." "Bad bad, and a wicked in bed"
"I'm a bad.." "Yo word to the mother" (3X)
"I'm a bad.." "Bad bad, and a wicked in bed"

Yo yo, check this out
This is for y'all hokey-pokey punk ***** ************s
Just to show y'all I do what the **** I want to do
I want y'all to check this on the real
And yo, check this out

Shake it! come on shake it! come on shake it! come on shake it!
Whassup now? Whassup now? Whassup now? Whassup now?
Whattup now? Hahahahah

(Yo Red, c'mon, get back to the track man, I want to get out of here!)

Yo kid chill, aight aight check it out

Flexy I'm sexy when I'm standing in my drawers
If you can't check me when I'm rapping, put the tape on pause
And listen to the incredible **** that I kick my man
Give me five on the backhand then stick
Your finger in a hole and chop the stick quick
Cause my lip get to the point, to STILL rock the fly ****

Since you're holding your breath, I hold my jewels
I swing hardcore, so I walk, holding my tools
The original P-Funk, takes no junk, from a chump, or punk G
I been this way every since nine months
So get down while I rip the raps from my lips cause
My shits more deep, than any tape from Enigma

The getting nice, thinking killer brother who pop trash
Basic instinct -- I'm a shoot us and they got blasted
Much *** I kick, groove to the master mix
My song still pumps when it's not even mastered, *****!
My shits very chronic so rewind it
Cause it's like.. eh-eh-eh-eh beyond, bionic!

Cause I'm a wild and crazy guy! No lie!
Last brother to battle me I started pissing in his eye
I'm bad, word to mother to the **********ing Hubbard
Eating her curds and whey, puffin spliffs cause she doesn't
And if you still don't "under-****ing-stand" where I'm coming from
Listen to my nine, understand where it's humming from!


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