Dead Moon I'm Wise Lyrics

Unknown Passage Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Dead Moon Night
  • 2 My Escape
  • 3 A Miss of You
  • 4 54/40
  • 5 I'm Wise
  • 6 Evil Eye
  • 7 I Tried
  • 8 Time Has Come Today
  • 9 Demona
  • 10 On My Own
  • And you tell me dirty lies
    You think you've pulled it off
    But for some time I've realized
    That everything you do is to drive me from my mind
    I've been listening to the silence for your tiptoes in the night
    I'm wise, wise to you

    You've never faced the day when judgement comes to town
    You've been dealing from the bottom, dealing dirty, deep, and down
    You got yourself a boyfriend who'll be comin' 'round tonight
    While I'm outside aworkin' and doing overtime
    I'm wise, wise to you

    You think it's sugar powder 'cause everything's so sweet
    When you melt away the glaze of all the people that you see
    The more I'm educated, the more I hang on the cord
    You can cut the lies 'cause I know what's going on
    I'm wise, wise to you

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