G-Unit I’m So Hood Lyrics

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[50 Cent]
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Little Tyrone Toddy gettin' his *** whipped so he holdin' that gat down
His momma think it's my fault cause he listen to back down
Bobby was a ****ing bum he pumpin' ? now
He keeps her fresh chicks white T's and fitted hats now
Uncle Rock-a-whiner we won't put the yack down
Erica the jump shop but he's smoking crack now
The Lunatics the Lost Boys cheap **** is wack now
Country boots shrowden crackers got him on his back now
And Sean runnin' round with his gat now
Up in *****z cribs sayin' where that money at pound
And Saundra from BK I seen her out in Houston
That ***** travel the world she runnin' round boostin'
And Toya got these bad *** kids they a nusince
Their baby daddy's never come around they useless
Everynow and then I come through on some new ****
Pearly white six and some chrome deuce deuce.

[Chorus: x2 50 Cent]
I'm so hood, I can't help it
I'm so hood, I can't help it
Love me for being me
Cause I can't change it can't rearrange it I am what I am.
So love me for being me.

[50 Cent]
Now I'ma six man momma told me god don't like ugly
I fell scraped my face and thought god must don't love me
So Owen every morning before he sell dope
*****s keep whoopin' that *** cause he sell soap.
Charlie be beggin' all the time he stay broke
Flip be down on 109 rollin' up smoke
Chamie he a thief catch a stunt in a stolen car
He that ***** that you call when you crash and need new parts
They say they love me because I rap now but they don't like me
I've been locked up 3 times and they ain't write me
Stevey a pump ****er with Shanqua get mean quick
Pop shots at you he sure must suck a mean ****
The blocks hot D's jump out on us almost all the time
They watch us from the building but *****s still be on the grime
Wade used to call the cops and tell them G had a nine
Till G put that gunning down that ?


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