Maestro Fresh‐Wes I’m Showin’ You Lyrics

Symphony in Effect Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Drop the Needle
  • 2 Untouchable
  • 3 The Mic’s My Piece
  • 4 LTD’s on the Wheels of Fortune
  • 5 I’m Showin’ You
  • 6 Let Your Backbone Slide
  • 7 Private Symphony
  • 8 Just Swingin’
  • 9 The Maestro
  • 10 Tear It Up
  • 11 Fortissimo

  • I'm showin' you
    Simply clean

    "Between a rock and a roll, yibby yibby you" X4

    [Maestro Fresh Wes]
    Dope hit after hit, bust lip after lip
    Bitch lick after lick, no tricks or horror flicks
    No review to see through preview to tease you
    You can't leave, you're trapped I seized you
    Caught in the rapture capture
    Round house in the mouth, your speach I will fracture
    Just I got juice, lyricist on the loose
    What's this the recruits, regroup
    I'm an arch hero rhymes from a barrel
    Bust ass like glass to Elle Fitzgerald
    Gazed, amazed, you crazed
    Fully fazed and engraved, and I go on for days
    I'm showin' you *echoed*
    I'm showin' you *echoed*

    Moses lead the people 'cause he was choosen
    I'm like a sequel, 'cause I'm showin' you
    The choreographer of this move, conductor of the dope state groove
    Strapping always rapping like shoes I'm tapping
    On the walls I'm slapping
    Licking always ticking like my Rolex kicking
    Stages to stages, I'm sticking MCs because on record they nice
    But when you see them in real life they ain't worth the price
    Because you bored right out of your skull, you rate zero
    'Cause your hero is dull
    I'll make it easy for you to get into me
    I rock the concert hall just like a symphony
    That's how it is I was born ready
    Just like the bee Maestro stay steady
    I'm showin' you *echoed*
    I'm showin' you *echoed*
    Break it down


    [Maestro Fresh Wes]
    I don't do needles and I never do coke
    But I'm a LSD freak, my lyrics are so dope
    Tell the folk, my vote no joke and you know it
    I'm more than just a rapper, I'm a poet
    T-O critics are hard to please
    I've witnessed the death of many MCs
    Just like birch, I down from the sky
    But not me, years ago I made MC cry
    But nowadays nobody wants to battle me
    They just saddle me, sit back and straddle me
    Ask me for forgiveness, I ain't forgetting it
    Y'all wrote my rhythmn and now you're bowlegging it
    I'm a professional, you're just a novice
    Girls love me state to state province to province
    Me and my homeboys they just jockin' us
    We got variety, hell not monotonous
    These are the rhymes you wish you was owning
    But '89 is mine 'cause I'm showin' you *echoed*

    Aries the Ram, I am hot damn
    I say man, check my fans in the stands while I slam
    Sometime I'm Aquarian or Sagitarian
    Libra me cool, but Gemini vegetarian
    Super dope step beyond, a Capricorn
    Too many angles, damn I'm like a pentagon
    Devil to death, I'm in depth
    Multi-dimensional, more complex than a test
    Everynight I rehearse each verse is diverse
    If I fuck up you will curse
    But if you bite it out first, I was the first
    All my reords you thirst
    You jabba jaws on my dreaws since the day of my birth
    And I'm showin' you *echoed*
    'Cause you need to be shown
    See you blew it you blown, and let my knowledge be known
    That way there won't be an apocolypse
    A rapper gel and jocking this
    Clocking and you're talking, all I see is a flock of lips
    Blabbering, slabbering, what are you saying?
    You're spraying, delaying, stop playing
    You got to adapt your own style of rap
    Break away from the pack before you're trapped
    I put a lash to your back to rap I'm like Zorro
    The capital M-A-E-S-T-R-O Fresh W-E-S
    Hell yes, the monologue I manifest is blessed
    Are you impressed? Yes, then forget the rest
    Then climb aboard the Fresh express
    'Cause I'm showin' you *echoed*

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