Third Try I'm Outside Lyrics

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But I know my love is true
I just hope that you can see it
In the things I do for you
Voice mail picked up on two rings
When I know it's set for three
And this only makes me worry
Cause you've got caller ID

And what about the night before she said you were at school
You don't have class on Monday nights, I thought that we were cool
So I went for a walk to think about the way I feel
When I saw his car outside your house I busted his windshield

In two
Cause me
And you
Were meant
To be
Why can't
You see

So I went to your house to see if you were okay
Cause you never called me back all sixteen times I called today
You told the cops I tried to kill you, it was nothing of the sort
I said I'd see you tomorrow, you said you'd see me in court

I know that it was weird to find me waiting in your room
I wouldn't have gone through your shit if I'd thought you'd be home soon
I carve your name a little deeper in my chest each day
So you can know the pain I feel each time I hear you say

We're through
Cause me
And you
Were meant
To be
Why can't
You see

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  • 4 I'm Outside
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