Mystikal I’m on Fire Lyrics

Ghetto Fabulous Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Round Out the Tank
  • 2 There He Go
  • 3 Keep the Hype
  • 4 That’s That Nigga
  • 5 Ghetto Fabulous
  • 6 Life Ain’t Cool
  • 7 I’m on Fire
  • 8 Watcha Want, Watcha Need
  • 9 The Stick Up
  • 10 I Smell Smoke
  • 11 Respect My Mind
  • 12 Stack Yo Chips
  • 13 Dirty South, Dirty Jerz
  • 14 Yaah!
  • 15 Let’s Go Do It
  • 16 What’s Your Alias?
  • What the ****? ****..

    It's.. HOT!

    I'm steamy sweatin tossin and turnin

    The whole house on fire and I can't stop it from burnin

    The curtains and the walls all indulged in flames

    I yell "Somebody help me!" But ain't' nobody came

    I try my best to put it out then I said "Fukkit!"

    Break full speed to the back door one room away

    But the faster and harder I ran it seemed like the longer I took

    Prayin "Please God spare me; I don't want to cook!"

    Knew I that I did done some things that I shouldn't of

    I knew I didn't come into Sunday service like I could have

    But have mercy for your child, forgive me for my sins

    I'm too young to die Lord, get me through this

    I gotta get to the back do', gotta get to the kitchen

    But they got thick black smoke comin from the kitchen

    ****, all other exits are tossed, what I'ma do?

    Stay my *** here and burn or -- RUN THE **** THROUGH?

    Already havin trouble breathin when I started to cough

    But no more time to waste, I cover my face and took off!

    Dis-en-dehydrate, I'm gettin tireder

    I gotta, keep movin, cause it's gettin HOTTER

    and HOTTER, WHOO.. WHOAH, ****! I'm on fire!

    see-see-call them people to me, I-I-I'm on fire! (6X)

    Oh ****! Ain't none of y'all ************s help me out dere?

    HELP!!! ************s it's me! HELP!!!

    I gotta get out of here! I've been trapped for over 55 minutes

    Looks like I'm finished, this could be a ****ed up ending

    I done been in some ****ed up **** but this the worst I ever been in

    "Call them people to me" -- tell them send the fire engine

    I hope this ain't my calling y'all cause I ain't ready

    I'ma need some alerted emergency units to stand by, paramedics

    Runnin through the fire, and I can't turn back

    Somethin went {WHOOSH} and everything went black

    I can't see, I can't see, I'm BLIND!!

    Oh **** I'm alright I just had my eyes closed the whole time

    Oops, **** damn! But that ain't my stop my shoes from movin

    cause outside, here I am!

    I smashed through the back door like a ram

    I made it! I'm still alive! I'm still a man!

    Out the house but still I got fire on my clothes

    So I stopped, dropped, and rolled ***** rolled

    Started goin wild on the ground tryin to get the flames out my shirt

    Windmillin in the dirt, but nuttin didn't work!

    I heard a {HORN SOUNDS} but that was just a barge

    See I live right by the river -- THAT'S IT, WATER!!!

    Every step I took made hot footprints in the tar

    Runnin over cars to the 12th Ward wall

    Get out the way cause everything I touch turn crispy

    I'ma be at the riverfront, tell them people come get me!!

    see-see-call them people to me, I-I-I'm on fire! (4X)

    Hello? Somebody get the ****in fire off me!


    Sparks like aluminum foil, in the microwave oven

    Where them ****in people? SOMEBODY DO SOMETHIN!

    Can't you see what's hap-pe-nin?

    Don't you see the smoke? Can't you hear the cracklin?

    Nobody want to listen, everybody was scatterin

    I grab a ***** he screamed so loud that **** was eardrum shatterin!

    I said, "Don't scream Dawg, I need your help, I'm the one on fire!"

    He said, "***** you 'sposed to be dead, how you still alive?"

    He was right -- by now they should be embalming me

    But the **** don't seem to be harming me

    Damn this must have been a bad dream the whole ?

    I heard them **********in sirens, hollerin

    I guess they finally got the people to me, they must have saw me

    Huh, cause they was headed right for me

    A fireman walked up, and handed me a ticket

    And said, "You just been put out, the fire went away!"

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