Céline Dion I'm Loving Every Moment With You Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Do you realize how long it's been
Where does all my time with you go
And all the memories
We shared as friends
Reflected in my heart
Is where they show

I'm loving every moment with you
I'm living in a dream that's coming true
I'm lost in everything you do
I love you
I'm saving every moment for you
You're hidden in a place that's safe and true
Loving everything we do

[Verse 2]
With every second
You hold me near
I'm closer to a place I want to be
To hear you whisper
But no one else can hear
I want your love
To stay forever, inside of me


[Verse 3]
In our silence
Looking in your eyes
I hear words you don't need to say
Just hold on baby
Because it's reason, I'm praying
You feel what I feel
In every way

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