Trip Lee feat. Lecrae I'm Good Lyrics

The Good Life Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 New Dreams
  • 2 Robot
  • 3 I'm Good
  • 4 War
  • 5 Fallin'
  • 6 iLove
  • 7 Know Me
  • 8 One Sixteen
  • 9 Heart Problem
  • 10 Take Me There
  • 11 Beautiful Life
  • 12 Fantasy
  • 13 Love On Display
  • 14 For My Good
  • 15 Good Thing
  • I hear the drummers coming for me death is at my doorway
    Fear says Imma perish but that ain't what my Lord say
    He said I ain't guilty though I still ain't have my court date
    Tasted and I've seen even though it's just a forte
    I don't know what they feeling I don't know what they thinking
    But my soul's invincible like Mario when he blinking
    They see me full of joy like "I don't know what he drinking?"
    Cup is full of living water bro I sip it and thank Him
    Yessir may not win Grammy or get another stellar
    But I get rewards from my Lord there ain't nothing better
    I may not jot again I may not sell a milli
    But I've been purchased by my king He's forever with me
    So what they talking bout no they can't knock me down
    Yessir I do feel pain but Jesus got me now
    That's why I'm making noise that's why I'm running hard
    That's why I go gorilla spitting them monkey bars

    Partner now you know I'm good to go
    Pressure creates diamonds and fire refines the gold
    Ain't nothing on this planet that satisfies my soul
    I'm living for tomorrow today is out of control for sho
    I'm good take all my money
    I'm good here come the pain
    I'm good ya they can kill me
    I'm good to die is gain
    I'm good I ain't insane yet we don't feel any pain
    I'm the same you can't take us out the game
    Cause homie we good

    I done been through the fire I survived all the floods
    And them writers is with me they all covered in blood
    Drag my name through the mud they can hate they can gossip
    But my passion for Jesus they ain't never go'n stop me
    I was dead I guess that made me better than I ever was
    Look at me I'm good partner I'm on my forever buzz
    If everything I have is taken I can take it
    They say I never make it I know the person who made it
    My life is hidden in Him so when I die I gain
    And Jesus really be walking with me so how I'm lame?
    My life is full of pain problems and such
    But I'm focused on forever in eternity's touch
    While the world try to fight me Pharisees try to stone me
    I am Tebow in the fourth quarter they can't hold me
    Ya the Lord is my coach got me off in the zone
    Tell my mama that I'm good when he carry me home


    Hey man we been beat down we been persecuted
    Beat down and mocked but that ain't go'n stop us
    No sir. We good. We know where our eternal resting place is at!
    Hey trip talk to em man.

    I know that Imma suffer that will only make me tougher
    Death is just a doorway to take me to my faithful lover
    The lover of my soul is with me you can save me brother
    But you can never knock me down and take me under bring the thunder
    Let the storms come to hunt us and hurt us
    They can't take our Lord from us bro we got us a verdict Not Guilty
    He's with us and He stays present He never leaves me
    He even gives me stage presence


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