Zididada I'm Flying Lyrics

Welcome to Zididada Track Listing
  • 1 Please Ya, Lisa
  • 2 Sugartop
  • 3 Rock My Boat
  • 4 Get Over It
  • 5 Freaky
  • 6 Tigerwomah
  • 7 Sitting on the Beach
  • 8 Anything
  • 9 Never Let You Down
  • 10 Find the Thrill
  • 11 I'm Flying
  • 12 Rock My Boat (Beach mix)
  • 13 Please Ya, Lisa (ETA 10.000 Volt remix)
  • 14 Sugartop (Stadium mix)
  • Release date: 1. March 1999
    Album: Welcome to Zididada

    I once heard a story told to me
    about the great wonders of the deep blue sea
    the sun was shining making a silvershield
    the moon and the stars reflecting in a waterfield

    uuu I'm flying
    across the sky
    uuu I'm flying
    so high

    You tell me you want me to quit
    but I'm a beliver
    the dreams I dream you know I have to sustain
    I want to fly so high the wind will take me
    but the world outside will never set me free

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