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The Cramps Lyrics

Like a chance meeting of an umbrella. And a sewing machine in a a black Impala. Mixin' metalflake with a jet propeller. This monotenous flywheel is the junk of life. This desire magnito...this is not a pipe. Prob'bly Picasso painted this pinstripes. I'm customized...like a crazy whim. I'm customized...I can do the swim. I'm customized...like a mag rim. I'm customized...with the deluxe trim. I'm customized...not your average Jim. Too much sex fizz in the love gasoline. One big wreckage from Bedictine. Who done wrought this package. I'll bet Einsteen. I'm customized...I'm moon equipped. I'm customized...got a hot tip. I'm customized...like a buggy whip. I'm customized...like some bad trip. I'm customized...I'm a rocket ship.

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