Canibus I'm A Horseman Lyrics

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[Pharoahe Monch talking]
This the unprecedented Pharoahe Monch!
Killah Priest, Ras Kass, and Canibus,
bringin' it to your ass like this,
The Four Horsemen... enforcin'!

[Ras Kass]
I'm the world's only sexually reproductive hip-hop quotable
Roll with live niggas in a Benz 500 convertible-UFO
My street oratory be exploratory surgery,
I get in your anal orifice, and morbidly murder you verbally
Oracle, this nigga defy the laws of gravity
Then switch my axis, and then I start to orbit crews, okay?
No R-I-double A, minus my radio play, just hear what I say:
You feelin' L.A.?
It's ill when I spray, since Enfamil till I'm gray
Compete in Celebrity Deathmatch so I can kill you with clay
Two million units to certify by 2G
Unfortunately, my mentality be in millennium three
Born a "nigga" for life, revealed a genius in death
When earth is suckin' on my penis for the semen I left
Angels are singin', divine reason 'cause the flesh is demon-possessed
I'm extremin' to death, like Eastern Stars and CFR
Still concerned about my pattern over 16 bars?
Fuckin' bitches whippin' pristine cars, but that's all chattel slavery scars
My ancestors got feathered and tarred, and still praised the Lord!
Ma' dukes RAISED the Lord!
You ain't thug that's your boyfriend's glock
You're like rockin' new Gators with a hole in your sock, Akh'
I've tongue kissed 24 tracks for 48 bars for at least 12 songs... so gimme my throne
See, y'all niggas about to get your masculinity ripped,
It's like slidin' across broken glass with your pants unzipped

I'm probably what you'd call a record industry population enforcer
I slaughter like a hundred rappers each quarter,
In order to keep the shit in order
I track wack niggas down from border to border
Just like the stories of the hare and the tortoise;
The rabbit was faster but fell asleep in the forest
But lost 'cause the tortoise had endurance
I always stay focused the longest
I promise I could battle any artist until they just get exhausted and forfeit
With actual supernatural forces, I'm a Horseman from Hell;
Immune to the garlic, water, and the crosses
After the last album I went through a metamorphasis
And probably fired more of my niggas than Doug Morris did
I kicked the dead beats out, turned around,
and switched my whole team out
Now I got some bangin' ass beats now, it paid off
'Cause I came off like Adolf
And I could murder any mothafuckin' camp I concentrate on
With the first strike, I'm so nice,
I could exterminate more niggas than the Third Reich
The way I burn mics, I've been accused of bein' all hype
All bark and no bite, every night I got into a bar fight
Defendin' my title, 'cause niggas was like "Yo, yo, I ain't feelin' your shit,"
And I had to beat they ass with Tae-Bo
Read somewhere that I was wack? Must've been a typo
Out of a grand, I got 755 votes
For Freestyle Champion, two years in a row
The type of shit I be spittin' y'all niggas ain't even close
You wonder why I do dis?
I do dis because I find it therapeutic
For all the enthusiasts to love my music
You stupid, my brain's faster than Cray computers
With microprocessor's submerged in cryogenic fluids
On some rude shit, put voodoo on your tootings
And tell you you better not use it, then bootleg your new shit
You think that you could fuck around? Prove it
You gotta beat? Loop it
You got lyrics? Then flip somethin' to it
And stop talkin' behind my back you bitch!
Faggot-ass fruit-basket, mad,
'Cause niggas know you group dick
Tryin' to get on some whooptie-whoop shit?
I don't give a fuck what you or your crew think, because I know where you live,
And I got the address to your crib,
Plus the bazooka that I'mma use to remove it 'cause I'm a sore loser
And losin' is off limits especially when Canibus is involved in it,
Spittin' some wicked-ass lyrics
Four sacriligious niggas that'll rip your Adams-apple out in a minute,
And play two-on-two tennis with it, bidditch!
Fuck the critics, I'm the illest

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