Totally Michael I'm A Friend Lyrics

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if ever you're climbing high up in that tall tree and the branch just starts to sway. well, throw your fears away. i'll be down below with love and care and my arms outstretched. i'll be there just in case you start to see everything and everything scares you. i will support you more than any branch in this whole world ever could. if ever you're feeling distraught, depressed, detached and simply need a helping hand. someone to understand. i'll be there for you. i've got two ears, two eyes and a heart. By all means i'll try my best to make sure you sleep at night. make you laugh til you feel alright. you can depend on me more than this earth depends on sunlight. i will defend you like a knight in shining armor with the courage of a bear. love is something that I'm gonna give you. i will always be here for you. care is what you'll receive from me. day and night it's what you're gonna see. support. i'll never let those tears hit the ground. I'll take your bad day and turn it right around. cause I'm a friend. And friends aren't assholes. i'm a friend that loves you very much so.

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