Tha Dogg Pound I'm A Boss Freestyle Lyrics

Man I'll be lacing at my blue chuck rash in the left side
West coast will be getting home for her best ride
Step into my zone with your best doubt taste out
Fresher than a mother fucking gangster yes out
Test drive your bitch nothing rhythm by far
Blow your brains out nigger you should have had a better boss
I'm taking morphine in the old school whore school
Her eighty betty I play with her old tool
My space ship right about with her new shoes
Been Cush that I blow staring like mule dude
You said you real fool nigger I feel you
When it's not clear plow

I'm a boss you salad toss
Toss salad bitch fuck around I'm a boss
I'm a mechanic I fix the metal
I make it solid puf a tail like Joel Pharel
Can't you see I got them new shoes
Can't even enunciate it don't know how to spell it
Pump with Diesel jet fuel hope for clientele
New dude I ain't tell you to stop
Might as well ask for radical money
Don't go hungry for them brains
I got bitches and money from here to New Orleans
I'm the richest I'm hungry for it fuck them triple bitch
I'm a hit them niggers with a triple B
Bring down on my [?] gettem hitem set them down
Nigger hitem
I'm going to tell again about the pound
Why you hit the town my momma lay em down
Like a boss

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