Peter, Paul & Mary I'd Rather Be in Love Lyrics

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Here I am in paradise, I'd rather be in love.
Golden sun, silver sand, careless touch of a stranger's hand
I'll be rested, I'll be tanned, I'd rather be in love

I've had more fun on one rainy night
when you were there to call my name and hold me tight
Than a lifetime in this coastal scene
Just wishing you were here with me

Miles and miles, clear blue skies, not a cloud in paradise
Except the ones here in my eyes, I'd rather be in love

I remember those winter storms
When you were all I needed to keep me warm
Now those summer winds, they blow so cold
Make me wish I'd you here to hold

Ocean breeze, rum on ice, lazy days and party nights
I've had enough of paradise. I'd rather be in love.
Oh, I'd rather be in love.

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