122 Stab Wounds Hymns of Misery Lyrics

The Deity of Perversion Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Reign Alive
  • 3 Hunting Humans
  • 4 Hymns of Misery
  • 5 Cathedral of the Pagans
  • 6 The Torture Art
  • 7 Holocaust Breed
  • 8 Divided Thoughts
  • 9 Reginae Noctuluca
  • 10 The Deity of Perversion
  • Violence Reach Out of Your Hand
    Arousing Feelings In My Head
    Innocence Amongst The Dead
    In A Fraction of A Second
    I Desolve The Serpent Lover
    Conform To Violence
    On your Knees, Praise Me

    Knife Impaling
    Razors Piercing
    No Hard Feelings
    Perverted Shivering
    Comes To Mind
    That She's Not Blind
    Must Do This one Quickly
    Lubricate Your Skin
    So I'll Get In
    Feel My Hands
    Penetrate You Deep Inside

    Crawling In The Night
    A Feast Awaits My Hunger
    Raping My Cold Collection
    Come Her Child
    Kiss Your Life Good-Bye

    In Fantasy My Heart Still Bleeds
    The Pain I Feel I Grant Thee
    Thoughts of Death Flew By My Mind
    I Kill For The Thrill
    Thrill Me Good Kick Me Hard
    Certain Death Awaits You All
    Weakness Is Torn Apart
    The Strong Ones Shall Survive

    Brutal Killed By A Cold Sickness
    Cold Blue Eyes Enchants My Heart
    Enthralls Me When I Chant The hymns
    These Solemn Hymns of Misery

    Descendant To An Endless Pit
    Where Torture And Decay Is
    Can't Forge The Screams I Caused
    Laughing, Enjoying The Dead Once More
    Rendezvous With Silence
    Enter With Sin
    This Is Power

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