B5 Hydrolics Lyrics

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Yo, yayo, yayo, yo
Yayo, yayo, yayo, yo
Soul Diggaz
B5, B5, B5
It's Bad Boy baby

[Bow Wow:]
And the prince

You know what it is

[Bow Wow:]
Bow... Weezy

Bow Wow
The future

[Bow Wow:]
I got you

Ayo, ayo Bow
Show them what it is man

[Bow Wow:]
The boys on fire
So I'm a heat it up
And if little mama throw it at me

I'm a beat it up
See it's nothing
If she ain't about something
Then I gotta next her

On to the next one
And she's bad (Bad)
So I might holla (Holla)
She moves up and down

Like a 6-4 impala (6 6 6)
She get it from her mama
And she don't like lames (Nope)
She likes rich n****s (Come On)
That's heavy in the game
Like... me

B5, talk to em

I see you looking at me
Trying to figure out how I move to the beat
So good
Guess I got it in my blood
Everytime the DJs spinning my cuts

Bad Boy, baby

I gets busy, gets busy on the one
I came to party
Just to show you how it's done
Fellas you can 2 step if you want too (Let's Go)
B5 giving you something to move to (B5)

Thumping your trunk,
Make the speakers bump (Uh-huh)
Hit the switch on the 6-4
Make it jump (Make it jump)
Got a brand new dance
Can you see me stunt?
You can do it like me
Just turn it up

Get low
Bring it up slow
Clean to the floor
This is how it goes

Get em

So sophisticated, educated, standing in the crowd
But she looking at me
Because she like the way I put it down
She recognize me
From my video and on my shows (That's Right)

[Patrick & Kelly:]
I told her that it's my dance
And this is how it goes

I gets busy, gets busy on the one (Get Busy)
I came to party
Just to show you how it's done (Get Busy)
Fellas you can 2 step if you want too (Get Busy)
B5 giving you something to move to



B5 gonna break it down and show you how to do the hydrolic (This is how we do)

Girl you wanna know how to do what I do (This is the bridge)
(Do what I do)
Lean to the liz-left (Lean)
And flip the switches when you move (Get Busy)

Bounce to the beat
Shorty you can do it to (Show em how we rock)
Break it down slow (B5, Bad Boy, let's go)
You drop it down low

Got bounce like a fold up range (Drop it low, drop it low, drop it low, drop it low)
Girl I ain't trying to play no games (Drop it low, drop it low)
(Girl I ain't trying to play... no games anything)
I`d do anything just to know your name

[Bow Wow:]
What's your name little mama?

Girl I hope you feel the same, oh

[Bow Wow:]
Lil' mama
Won't you sidekick page me
Here go the info
All you gotta do

Is let me know what you into
We can make moves
You rolling with the best
It's that L.B. Dub gang

And them Bad Boys... yes (You are now rocking with the best)
And I am
Er than the next guy
Now mama let's ride
And yea I wanna see you move it to the beat
Now back it on up while B5 sing

Ah Bow you gonna do it to them like that


You are now rocking with the best
B5, Bow Wow
They call me Diddy
Bad Boy Empire

World Wide
I see you Kev
ATL, Georgia
Let's go
Don't Talk, Just listen


Written by: Lashaun Owens, Karriem Mack, Corte Ellis, Matthew Irby, Carlos Hassan, Shad Moss, Nigel Talley
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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