Halo Friendlies Hush Lyrics

Acid Wash Track Listing
  • 1 On Our Way
  • 2 Falling Away
  • 3 Acid Wash
  • 4 Don't Wake the Cat
  • 5 Hush
  • Who says my time is up
    Who says my light is out
    Why do they hang around
    Why do I have to shout?

    My simple days they're slipping away
    And I'm stuck in here trying to get away
    From all the eyes that are looking at me
    And they're speaking in tongues
    And I don't know what they mean
    I don't know what they mean

    Why can't I just belong
    What did I do wrong
    Your words cut me like a knife
    Give me one so i can make it right

    And I'm wondering who said these things
    About you and me and won't you tell me please
    How can I believe when all they want to believe
    Are the lies that won't let me be free

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