Aaron Sledge Hurt One Lyrics

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Baby you don't understand, the person I am
The trouble and tribulations, that made me this very man
More like familiar thinking I'll end up grown
I realized I done for others, but nothing for my own
Things kept me places that I didn't wanna be
Cause life is too short, live it fool don't both agree
They say a meaning I heard, but I don't even care
So walk a mile in my shoes and you'll understand
So I'll roll and I'm better and
And when all's said and done
I will be the best man fathering son
Even when, even when I am the hurt one
Living my life on the road
Living without some along
Will never get a chance to see
How crazy my life can be
I'm doing more than what they know
And it's so hard not to let it show
Cause them better days coming I know
I'm just thinking out loud when it's all said and done
These are the thoughts, these are the thoughts
Of a hurt one.

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