Valhalla Humans Lyrics

Once Upon a Time Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Awakening
  • 2 Ride of Norsemen
  • 3 Metalopolis
  • 4 Resurrection (Shadow of the King - Part 2)
  • 5 Egypt
  • 6 The Outlaw
  • 7 To the Other Side
  • 8 Born by Metal
  • 9 The Oak
  • 10 Hymn of Victory
  • 11 Humans
  • Humans

    [M/L: Jevo]

    I came from the stars on a mission to find
    A place for a colony somewhere to live
    But the influence of humans
    Wasted all hopes for my race.

    Carbon dioxide is blackening your lungs
    Chemical warfares, pollution we breathe
    There's a leak in a nuclear station
    That no one controls.

    Humans - Wasting the Earth
    Destroyers - Heading for Death

    Time has come for this fading planet
    Straight to darkness
    This is the beginning of the End.
    I must go back where I belong to
    Far from here and
    Leave this pigsty world that you call Earth.

    Black tides on the oceans, all sealife is dead.
    Decreasing the ozone, the greenhouse effect
    Warms the crust of the Earth
    Drying rivers and melting the poles.

    Look at the menu you taste everyday
    Uranium-full salad, pork chops with aphta,
    Crazy roast beef on the grill
    And fresh three-eyed fish.

    Humans - Wasting the Earth
    Destroyers - Heading for Death

    All I see now is a cancer in this world
    Your fate is sorrow and doom.
    No turning back, my predictions will fulfil
    There`s nothing that we can do.

    Centuries ago, many centuries before your birthday
    I found a planet with perfect conditions of life.
    But everything was spoilt by a plague of humans
    Now that my mission is done, I want to go home.

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