SPM Hubba Hubba Lyrics

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Fresh off the cut, mama who? mama what?
Take a 40-ounce hard to the gut
On the run so call me the perro
In the club with a sharp *** filero
Y'all gettin' large, Dopehouse is larger
I'm in the hotel tryin' to find my charger
It's another hot summer, she gave me the peck
And then let me tongue her
Love it maan, I'm with my dame
Young and dumb with real good brains
In the club eatin steak and ostrich
Smoke weed and get more hungry than a hostage
I've been hard since the very first demo
We came up with no problemo
Darn, yeah I'm from a farm
With 700 elbows in the barn!

Do you party with those drug smugglers?
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
Is your enemy a **** sucker?
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
I don't think they want no damn trouble
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
Do you love your homies like a brother?
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba

Man these fools don't want to see me
Smoked out like an indian chiefy
With Pocahantas and her cousin in my teepee
Talkin bout how they love some Baby Beeshi
While I'm suckin on a sweet like a chi-chi
So high, everything lookin' 3D
Threesome, got your boy Little Freaky
Orgys to the weewee, the sleepy
But I'm just sayin' though, Wiggy, Wiggy
Outsmart the piggy
Them Dopehouse boys bout them bones like Bizzy
I'm a grizzly, so call the the Oso
Pushin' that candy, vanilla and a cocoas
Ojos, green like your mocos
Plum dumb stupid and plum dumb baboso
If you don't want to give me no love
Check it out maan I don't give a HUH!

Do you smoke like a borke muffler?
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
Are you a 40-ounce chug-a-lugga?
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
Is your favorite actor Danny Glover?
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
Do you smoke a sweet then smoke another?
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba

The wetblack, back from hell (yo)
Fresh off the **********in' crack hotel (Uh-huh)
The young *****, knock-a knock a ***** out quick (POP!)
Y'all heard a new jam called "We bout sick" (Hehe)
With the mexicans, sippin' on medicine (Yeah)
I accidentally shot an innocent pedestrian (ah!)
Devilish, got my hand on a ruga (Click-Clack)
Pushin' me will havin' you pushin' the patunias
Look at all these rumors, surrounding me everyday
I just need some time, some time to get away
Let me crush, my king still pendin' (Still pendin')
Benzo plus, 600 engine
But the cops put my car in the storage (Why?)
Traffic warrants, I'm in jail eatin' porridge

Do you understand or did I stutter?
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
Did you raise up out the ****in'' gutter?
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
Do you max out Visa and Discover?
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
Baby Beesh just ****ed my dance instructor
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
That ***** is hot like Houston summer
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
Some people call us Dumb & Dumber
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
I think I'm in a little trouba
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
I'm a **********in' damn nutta
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
I'll come to your house for damn supper
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
Is my **********in' girl a juggler?
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
I'm a **********in' crazy *** nugga
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
I'm more like I'm a god damn chicken plucka
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba

Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
Have you ever watched Jerry Sprunger?
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
In everything we say "goddamn ****er"
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
I think I shaked her and I thing I drug her
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
I think I slammed her on the damn rugga
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
I think I burned my knees with that rugga
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
I'm done, I'm done, I'm done, I'm donna
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba

Hehe, you forgot 3-0 butter man
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba

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